In March 2020 the covid epidemic reached India and it gradually took the shape of a pandemic. It’s a disease that spreads from one human to another. Every day people passed away. A virus that originated in China has become a source of panic in this entire world. A pandemic that has trapped people in their homes, that has created physical distance between them. Today it’s the age of the internet. The cases keep on rising. Thankfully deaths have decreased. But when the pandemic will go, no one knows. There’s a formation of subdued frustration amongst people, and day by day people are feeling more and more helpless.
This pandemic, the LOCKDOWN, social distancing, physical distancing has greatly transformed my art process, my thought process. The pandemic and current human sufferings became the subject of my artwork while I stayed at home. Now, people fear each other, they mask themselves in the presence of others. Everyone is trying to create a distance from the other. This concept of social distancing and physical distancing led to a series of works where I found deep-lying humour within and captured it through my drawings and paintings.

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