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Sutanu Chatterjee

Sutanu Chatterjee has for the last few decades been exploring both intimate works and as well as public sculptures, primarily seeking the geometric possibilities in biological and organic forms.Being mostly figurative with subtle stress on the movement of the forms and its plasticity, his works embody this search in the most nuanced way with a great deal of care about medium and its allied technicalities. He plays with the ambivalence between the organic, geometric and the plasticity of form, to delve deep into the spirit of my subject and stir up the inner qualities of my figure. 

In his outdoor works and public sculptures too, this organic quality is evident, not only as an intrinsic feature of the work but also in the way the natural surroundings, the immediate environment and ecological concerns are addressed in a large scale.



Outdoor/ Environmental

Terracotta / Ceramic

Portrait & Life


A fine work of sculpture is my encounter with adventure, curiosity, challenge, surprise, discovery, never-ending exploration. It is an expression, inspired by nature, designed by human hands, that helps the viewer glance at nature itself in a completely new light as if it too was created by a majestic artist whose forms dazzle us in its brilliance.

Featured Works

Acrylic on Canvas

Brush & Ink

Dry Pastel & Charcoal

Mixed Medium

Pen & Ink

Watercolour on Paper

Drawings and Paintings

The wails of frustration side by side the intense will / struggle to live, emotion, and love are what encompassed my drawings and paintings. Human values and the struggle of those those values have been a constant enquiry and endoavour.  I wake everyday from a grave of frustration. And the canvas is my voice of protest.

The Statesman

A young artist Sutanu Chatterjee from Santiniketan held his first solo exhibition of sculptures at the Birla Academy. Although there were drawings, Chatterjee must be judged primarily as a sculptor. His assets are a marvelous sense of simplicity, choice of ideas and commendable output.

It is not easy to fill up two rooms of the Academy from a single source. Sutanu Chatterjee has done this by working in various media giving the impression as if the sculptures had come from various creators. This can be considered a weakness.

Sutanu Chatterjee as yet does not have a definite style but shows promise. With his talent and boldness and confidence in material handling, it is hopes that he will make choices in the right direction.

Kishore Chatterjee

Oct 11, 1996

The Telegraph, Calcutta

Geometrical forms find striking expression in the works of Sutanu Chatterjee, whose face defined with curves and lines reminds one of the “fruit portraits” of Giuseppe Arcimboldo.

Soumitra Das

Aug 2013


Sutanu Chatterjee’s ‘Head’s presentation in well integrated with the geometrical form of the cubists.

Mrinal Ghosh

Aug 2013

Desh Patrika

Sutanu Chatterjee’s terracotta Sculpture (exhibited in the 37th Annual Exhibition at the Birla Academy) ‘Head of a Girl’-s  form of a split plaited head of a female figure visually resembles a triad of upside-down urns. The reduction and deduction in the forms in brilliant.

Shovon Som

April 2004

Dainik Statesman

Sutanu Chatterjee’s Bronze sculpture titled ‘Cruel Reality’ claims sheer innovation.

Debobrata Chakraborty

May 2008

Major Project / Series

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