The Endangered Earth
With the advancement of civilization, people's way of life is changing. People are getting used to corporate life. Humans are creating a lot of distance from nature. As a result, the fauna is endangered. In fact, people themselves are endangered by forgetting themselves. People want to go back to nature but can't. Greed and lust are fostering in the minds of people from this advanced technology and the intention of a better life. He is destroying nature for his own needs, unknowingly. Never listening. As a result, nature is becoming hostile. As a result, various natural disasters are increasing. The earth's water level rises. Meanwhile, the weight level is being damaged. ... maybe one day this human civilization will be submerged. It is from this idea that the bronze sculptures in the 'Endangered Earth' series were born. Where I have shown the endangered nature and the possibilities and happening conditions of endangered people from my deepest thoughts. This important exhibition was held at Aakriti Art Gallery, Kolkata in 2006. The exhibition was curated by renowned art critic Sandeep Sarkar.


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