Indian Wedding Ceremony Terracotta Sculpture - Visual arts - Sutanu Chatterjee - Indian Sculptor
Indian Wedding Ceremony
Terracotta Relief
80 x 8 ft.
Located at the Pushpanjali Project at Durgapur, this terracotta relief or mural is 40ft. in length and 8 ft. in height. 'Indian / Hindu Wedding Ceremony' is the subject of this relief that is placed here serially in five different phases (composition) but they are combined. This relief carried a primary geometric structure, giving importance to the main subject. Primarily the work was created with a composition with basic geometric division to create five circles to emphasize on the mail subject matter. The figures of this composition are very simplified, organized, volume, and rhythmic. This is the main significance of Bengal Terracotta temple relief. Not only the human figures, I emphasized also on the animals, birds, fishes and it's ornamentation. Many of the tertiary figures have strongly influenced by the Bishnupur Terracotta temple sculptures.


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